About INKF


The association of kidney patients and their families was  founded at 1999 by שוקי לוסטיג ז"ל in light of the vital need for an independent and strong body to represent them in the various medical, social and life spheres. The association works to promote and safeguard the rights of patients of kidney transplants, to protect their basic needs, and to continuously improve their quality of life and functioning in the life cycle and daily work. The association sees great importance in raising awareness of the public and the medical community  to prevent kidney disease and early diagnosis. The association is the IFKF representative in Israel, in which it participates in international activities in the field.

Our goals

  • Grant the patient the right to choose the place of treatment
  • Saving and promoting patients' rights (defined) in the areas of legislation and welfare
  • Assist patients on various issues through the Patient Inquiry Center
  • Social and medical information activities (conferences, information material, website)
  • To increase public awareness of early detection of kidney disease and its implications
  • Strengthening the relationship and collaboration with the caring staff (social workers, dietitians, nurses and doctors)
  • Promoting the topic of defining quality standards for dialysis
  • Increase family and public awareness of the importance of organ donation
  • Representation of the association and its objectives at  (I.F.K.F ) International Federation of Kidney Foundations

 Avi Avraham
 Chairman of the Association Executive Management

We guarantee that the details you provide will remain confidential and will never be disclosed to another party.
At any time, you have the right to be deleted from the mailing list of the site by a simple e-mail delivery operation to: info@inkf.org.il

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